There are 2 things I need to decide upon before I can embark on my quest: 1. Equipment, and 2. The Brew. I searched for “Starter Kits” online and came across a great site with lots of information.


Not only do they sell supplies, but they have a very nice step-by-step guide on how to brew your first batch of beer. It looks like their Deluxe Brewing Starter Kit is the best place to start. Here is a brief overview from their website:

A Brewery in a Box, our Deluxe Brewing Starter Kit rewards the brewer with clearer, cleaner-tasting beer as well as the ability to brew a wider range of styles, plus your choice of three great beer recipe kits and a FREE copy of our Getting Started in Homebrewing DVD. With a price of $149.99 it’s a great value for a beginning enthusiast.


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