Ok then. The date is September 14, 2013.

Since Darrel and I decided to do this, a few weeks have passed. At that point, I knew absolute ZERO about brewing beer. Since then I have picked up a few tips and tid bits, but am no where near the point where I can brew yet. In the spirit of this blog, I want to keep track of the progress from that point where I knew absolutely nothing, or absolute zero.

So, why brew my own beer?

I love to drink beer, but that is most people. Nothing crazy about that.

I love to try new beers and compare them to beers I have already had. For me, as with many beer drinkers, trying new beers plays on that “collector” aspect of our personality. No we aren’t adding another pack of baseball cards to the box, hats to the rack or classic cars to the garage, but we are checking another conquest off the beer list. If it is really good, we can recommend it to a buddy at work. If it is blah, then we can skip over it next time we are fishing through a cooler or patrolling the aisles of the local liquor store.

More than just the tasting and collecting, though,  I have a great admiration for people that brew their own beer. Similar to when you hear someone say, “My grand-daddy built this house with his bare his ands” – it makes it that much more special to drink a beer that you brewed  yourself. Or if you go over to a buddy’s house and he pulls out a bud light, ok cool its beer. If he pulls out a Delerium Tremens and pours it into the proper glass, well that is more impressive. IF he says “try this I brewed it myself” THAT is on a whole other level. Drinking a beer that someone else brewed is like looking into their soul a little bit. It is personal, powerful and bad-ass.

The degree of control is something that I also find attractive. When I try a beer now and think “well this is watery and needs some more of that roasty or caramel flavor” I can take strides to make those changes to my own beer (once I know what the hell I am doing).

So, at absolute zero, I know that I want to brew beer and I have some glimpses at my own psyche as to why I want to brew. Now I have to found out how to do it.

– Thomas Murray 9/14/13

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