It was Friday night and all was calm.

I have no plans, no one is expected me to do anything.This is a beautiful thing.

I walked a few blocks over to the Hillcrest Brewing Company (“HBC”).

The bartender, Gavin, was in his usual pleasant mood, and I quickly had HBC’s Scotch Ale in front of me.

The Scotch Ale at Hillcrest Brewing Company is called “Banana Hammock gay beer, hillcrest brewing company, gay bar, gay restaurant san diego

Other beers that you can find there are a Pale Ale called “Perle Necklace”, an IPA called “Hoppy Endings”and a Brown Ale called “Lucy”(which was apparently designed by a raccoon) <– ask them, I don’t know…    – In addition, HBC is team player that carries beers from many local breweries such as Mission Brewery and Green Flash.

Another noteworthy fact about HBC is that it is known as the “World’s First Gay Brewery”. If you are familiar with the Hillcrest area, then this makes perfect sense. For those of you that are not quite as comfortable with gay folks… all I can say is that they are just people. In this case, they are people that make excellent beer and provide you with a happy environment to drink it.

The head brewer at HBC is named Austin Copeland. I have emailed with him a few times. He is very gracious and has agreed to speak with me about brewing. I will write an update once I meet with him.

I overheard some people talking about the brewing process while I was drinking my Banana Hammock, so I hid behind some of the inflatable pink flamingos, tuned in and tried to learn a thing or two.

I overheard the word “Wort”.

Wort? What the hell is that? Perhaps some crazy gay sex trick? Nope, it was something to do with the brewing process.

According to Wikipedia, “Wort is is the liquid extracted from the mashing process during the brewing of beer or whisky. Wort contains the sugar that will be fermented by the brewing yeast to produce alcohol.”

Ok, so as far as I understand so far… Step one is to boil water and add some ingredients. One of these ingredients is MALT. Malt is made from barley. At some point toward the end of the boil, hops may be added (depending on what style of beer you are making). So, generally, the liquid that comes from the boil of barley, malt and hops is WORT.

I think that you add yeast to the WORT, and that makes the fermentation process begin. CLEARLY, more research is needed, but I am on my way.

A brewer named Craig (Rock Bottom La Jolla and New English Brewing) told me that wort is the work and mixtures and boiling that a brewer prepares before adding the yeast. This is an easier way to understand it, thanks Craig.

Hillcrest Brewing Company can be found at 1458 University Ave San Diego, CA 92103

(619) 269.HEAD



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