I live in San Diego, California. For a beer drinker, this is an extremely fortunate stroke of luck. San Diego boasts not only a solid foundation of established world class breweries, but also an ever-expanding collection of start-ups and rookie breweries.

From most locations in San Diego, a ten minute drive will put you at the doorstep of a place that brews beer on-site and offers tasters to beer fans like drops from a water can to thirsty flowers.

Of the numerous brewing locations in San Diego, the places that repeatedly make me feel like Christmas morning are GREEN FLASH, ALESMITH, BALLAST POINT and IRON FIST.

Of course I have been to STONE, but that is just on a whole other level, and you have to love their style of ultra hops.  STONE’s Liberty Station location is something that every beer drinker should see in their lifetime, like Disneyland, the White House and the green hills of the Irish countryside. Not only is the Liberty Station STONE incredibly impressive from a visual standpoint, but the beer that they brew onsite is “small batch”limited runs of more creative recipes than their normal lineup. The Liberty Station location is known as their place for “creative brewing.” Every time I visit here, there are beers that I have never had before, and there are not many things in the world that I like more than that.

All that said, my list of BREWERIES THAT I WANT TO VISIT will be different than most people, because I have already been to most of the big name Breweries in the Southern California area.

Without further delay, my list is as follows:

1) THE BRUERY – Anaheim, California

2) WESTVLETEREN Brewery/Monastery, Belgium    http://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Westvleteren_Brewery


4) DOGFISH HEAD – Delaware

5) CIGAR CITY – Tampa, Floria

That is the current top 5.

Some other locations that should be noted are: ORVAL (Belgium), DEVIL’S BACKBONE (Blue Ridge Mountain area, Virginia), NEWCASTLE (United Kingdon), ALLAGASH (Maine), GREAT DIVIDE (Colorado)

** I know that Oregon and Michigan also have many top notch breweries, I just do not know as much about them, YET

I recently was informed that I will get to visit DOGFISH HEAD in about a month, so obviously I will be looking forward to that.

-Tom Murray



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