When I walked in to Hopworks, the first thing I noticed was the bike frames hung over the bar. This is different, I thought. There must be fifty of them hung there.

hub bikes

I like bikes, but I like beer more.

In the car ride over I had checked out the HUB website. According to the site, there were about 16 or 17 beers on tap. When we first sat down at our table and checked out the chalkboard behind the bar, it listed about 10 or 12. What the hell? So while everyone else perused the menus, I took a lap around the bar. Sure enough, there were more beers listed on some smaller chalkboards. Two names jumped out at me, BOURBARIAN and KENTUCKY X-MAS.

The bearded guy that was taking our order was a real jack-ass at first. One of those servers that is annoyed with patron’s questions. Like it is such a major inconvenience for him to do his job. He was even more annoyed that we ordered tasters, he seemed to slam them down upon delivering them to the table. Sorry you hate your job dude. We did not get a flight (as pictured below) but I should have out of spite for our prick of a server.taster flight HUB

We each tried 3 or 4 beers. I tried their brown, their stout, the Bourbarian and finally the Kentucky X-Mas. I quickly forgot about the brown and the stout, but I was happily fixated on alternating sips between the Bourbarian and the Kentucky X-mas. Jesus Christ they were good. Complex, but not overdone and not too boozy. hub glass

The picture above shows our goblets. The lighter one on the left side (that looks like liquid gold) is Kentucky X-Mas, the table quickly agreed that this was one of the best beers we had ever had. On the right side is the Bourbarian, a very, VERY good beer, and in most other brew pubs, it would have been the favorite.

Upon closing out our tab, the server changed his tune completely. Maybe it was because we had remarked on how great the two aforementioned beers were, but more likely he was jockeying for a better tip. Either way,  he was all of a sudden very friendly. We asked if Kentucky X-mas came in bottles, he responded that it did, but it cost $15.00. We looked at each other and shrugged, 15 bucks for a bottle of this was well worth it. We ordered a bottle for the road. The bottle on the right is the glorious, life-changing, Kentucky X-mas.

hub bott

The bottle on the left is the lovable cousin, ABOMINABLE WINTER ALE. This is a friggin really good beer too. It was the first beer I drank then I got to Portland, and Kentucky X-mas was the last, for this trip anyway. Trust me, I will be back to Portland and I will absolutely go back to HUB.

-Tom Murray




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