NICKEL BREWING COMPANY in Julian, California

1. Total # of beers on tap – 14 beers

2. Flights? Cost of a taster flight – 2 bucks per taster

3. Method of delivering the Flight – Muffin Pan

4. How many IPAs? – 2 IPAs, 1 Double IPA and a JPA (Julian Pale Ale)

5. Growler fills? Will they fill other brewery growlers or blank growlers

6. Barrel Aging Program – None that I could see.

7. 2 Unique things about this place – This place used to be the Sheriff station. The old holding cell is now a game room with darts and foosball.

8. Weirdest/Most Uncommon Beer available. The trippel, the dubbel, Julian Pale Ale and definitely the Apple Pie Ale.

9. Best beer “you gotta try this” – APPLE PIE ALE – made with apple cider and pear cider. Unique and original.

10. Face of the Place. Was the bartender cool? Knowledgable? – The owner, Tom Nickel is usually lurking around. I haven’t spoken with him yet, but he seems like a friendly enough guy. The bartender was young and didn’t seem to be over-flowing with beer knowledge. She was more interested in talking about her latest downtown mishap. She was cool, attentive and friendly, however.

11. Nerdy thing I learned. – nothing this time.

12. Food? There was some chips and stuff, but no kitchen. Fortunately, all that Julian apple pie is less than a mile down the road.

13. Décor? – The building used to be the Julian Sheriff Station as I mentioned, so there is a rustic feel.

14. What could improve?

15. Kid Friendly? Pets? – There is an outside patio that would be ideal to have pets or kids. The whole place has a very laid back atmosphere, so I am pretty sure that they will be accommodating as much as possible.

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