1. Total # of beers on tap – Seven (7) beers on tap, none of which were IPAs (this is a bold move in San Diego, and I respect it)

2. Flights? Cost of a taster flight – They do flights, $10 for four beers and $15 for all seven.

3. How many IPAs? – ZERO. They focus on other styles. This is ok, there are many people doing IPAs out there.

4. Growler fills? Will they fill other brewery growlers or blank growlers – O’Sullivan Brothers has 1 Liter fills, 2 Liter fills and kegs. As far as filling growlers other than their own, the website states:

We serve our beer in our own growlers. We don’t serve in blank growlers or other brewery growlers. Our growlers meet all federal and state labeling requirements. This policy serves to ensure that our beer is provided to you at the highest level of quality possible.

5. Barrel Aging Program – None that I could see.

6. 2 Unique things about this place – Other than the no IPA thing, there are multiple stouts and porters. A very clean and friendly location to drink a few beers. Nothing too out of the ordinary, though.
7. Weirdest/Most Uncommon Beer available. CATHOLIC GUILT – This smoked porter made the list for San Diego Reader’s TOP 50 BEERS of 2014. Also THE QUIET MAN – the name of this Porter is a reference to the John Wayne movie titled “The Quiet Man” that was filmed in CONG, which in the quiet northwest of Ireland.

8. Best beer “you gotta try this” – OLDE SHILLELAGH Triple Stout Porter
9. Face of the Place. Was the bartender cool? Knowledgable? – The people at O’Sullivan Brother’s were so friendly and accommodating that I felt like I was back visiting Ireland. The place has a warm, friendly Irish pub feel. I did not get to talk with any brewers, but the folks pouring the beer were passionate and proud about the product.

10. Nerdy thing I learned. – nothing nerdy this time, but I learned that there is hope for us stout/porter/brown ale lovers out there in San Diego. We have safe haven at O’Sullivan Brothers.

11. Food? – I didn’t see any food this time.

12. Décor? – The place was very bare-bones and basic. No fuss. It seemed very clean, but had a “strictly business” feel to it.

13. What could improve? – I have no complaints about the beer, but maybe some food and more seating.

14. Kid Friendly? Pets? – Not sure, I didn’t see any rug rats there.

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