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The Homebrewer San Diego

  I’ll come right out and say it. I feel like I was spoiled by starting my brewing adventure with the Bearded Brewer. Sure, it was the only home brew store in the Antelope Valley, but that didn’t diminish it’s value and service. I wouldn’t...

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O’Sullivan Brothers Brewing

1. Total # of beers on tap – Seven (7) beers on tap, none of which were IPAs (this is a bold move in San Diego, and I respect it) 2. Flights? Cost of a taster flight – They do flights, $10 for four beers and $15 for all seven. 3. How many IPAs? – ZERO. They...

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NICKEL BREWING COMPANY in Julian, California 1. Total # of beers on tap – 14 beers 2. Flights? Cost of a taster flight – 2 bucks per taster 3. Method of delivering the Flight – Muffin Pan 4. How many IPAs? – 2 IPAs, 1 Double IPA and a JPA (Julian Pale Ale) 5....

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A SMaSHing Disaster

In my research and minor addiction to reading about all things brew related, I came across a number of references to “SMaSH” brews. Single Malt and Single Hop (hence SMaSH) beers that everybody seems to love. I had a few batches under my belt, and wanted...

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Islay Saison

Islay Saison was the 7th Beer that I brewed. I did my standard 1.5 gallon of water boil. I wanted to add a little character to this beer, so I used a steeping bag with some grains. The steeping bag included: 0.29 pounds of peated malt, and 0.5 pounds of oak roasted...

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